05 Jun 2013

World Environment Day June 5th

Today is the World Environment Day. Today, lets all take an oath to consume only what we need, lets all promise the future generation that they will always have what they need.

Mathrubhumi and Organic BPS conducted a poster designing contest with the theme – Sustainable Consumption for Sustainable Future.

The man and his over exploitation of power sources, water, environment and even animal species must be stopped for a prosperous future. I was able to do two designs.

This was the first – The Eyedropper. The green, water, animals and power sources are unique to our planet. Every bit of them is like a golden droplet. Every drop we consume is valuable and thus must not be wasted. To give an impact of the resource that go waste every year, an infographic touch was given to the poster.

The Eyedropper


From the 410 entries they received, this poster was selected to the top 22. This concept was inspired from the animated film The Princess and the frog where a witch explains the difference between NEED and WANT to the main characters. What we need is different from what we want. We might want a 5 storied home, but for a family of 4, just 2 storied is enough. The resources spend for his personal happiness might take away a one time meal away from others. It is all based on what-if. People who can spend tend to buy more food just because “What if I get hungry again?”, but most of the time they don’t and the extra food goes waste.

Consume only what you need.

Need Vs Want

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