17 Oct 2018

Toy stores at Singapore

Hey! If you have found this blog post, then you were probably looking for a list of toy shops that you can stop at during your visit to Singapore. Well, I have managed to visit a few during my Singapore trip and hope to spread the knowledge. Hope this helps, here we go –

The information is as of October 2018.

  1. Simply Toys
    This is like a cult shop. It has everything from Funko pop to figurines. Keep searching and you will find some gem items inside

  2. Takashimaya
    Toy section is on the 4th floor. They have a decent collection of Gunplas, Gundam action figures, SH Figuarts Street Fighter series, ML, Tomica etc.

  3. Toy outpost
    Lookout for these small outlets in malls. They will have a vivid collection. Its like every shelf in the outlet is rented out to someone else to sell their collection. So you might find rare items here.

  4. Toy Or Game
    You will find Pokemon cards to SH Figuarts and Nintendo Amiigo figurines here.

  5. Action City
    Mostly small curious, blind boxes. If you are free after all these places, can visit.

  6. Hamleys and ToysRUs
    10% better stocks, but expensive than India.

  7. DC Cafes
    There will be DC Comics cafes in malls, where you can find DC stuff – Lego keychains, T shirts, DC Cinema universe figurines etc.