24 Aug 2013
Vampire catch screens (8)

Rebranding an iPad game

This was one of the most exciting jobs that I had! The job was to redesign the UI of an iPad game – Catch the Cat.

The game is about a trapping the cat in a 11×11 matrix of tiles.

After some Googling, I found that there are a lot of cat games with the same concept. So I thought, why don’t we change the concept a bit? My thought was around the “trapping” thing and came with some ideas – how about trapping a vampire? or trapping an enemy tank? The vampire idea got the client’s attention and was asked to do some sample screens. And boy, it ended up with rebranding catch the cat game into sealing a vampire. Here are the screenshots:

The Vampire Character

The splash screen



Choosing difficulty



Win Screen

Lost Screen

App Icon