Re – A platform for motor skills rehabilitation


Stroke rehabilitation is a complex medical process that often span over the lifetime of survivors. Access to affordable rehabilitation facilities is vital for the survivors to benefit from the treatment. There is a large drop in the number of people pursuing rehabilitation due to the lack of facilities. The extreme monotonous and laborious nature of treatment routines often lowers motivation of the people to continue rehabilitation.

To enable participants to practice anywhere, anytime without compromising therapists time and effort, the design need to be more than a game. Hence, we designed a platform – “Re”, a DIY dedicated platform which facilitates tele-rehabilitation care.

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The core loop of the game makes the participants perform the exercises through playing. Since the game controls are mapped onto the exercises, any other movement would not be reflected in the game, thereby preventing any compensatory or incorrect movements.

The game-play requires the players to fly a kite as high as possible while avoiding obstacles such as other kites and birds. The gestures needed to fly the kite inside the game is mapped to wrist movements which resembles flying a real kite, using the smartphone (controller). Data such as degree of motion, session length and session frequency are collected during every exercise session and fed to the feedback system.

This data is used in heuristic learning of the game for adjusting the game mechanics to suite the individual’s skill level and capability. This reduces the need for a trained personnel to adjust the game every time to enable the participant continue playing. Heuristic learning also allows some amount of personalization of the game.
The platform consists of three components – system and controller, a game and a feedback system.

Designed and visualized the prototype in Unity.