Mask Gun®

Mask Gun® is a Free to Play casual real-time Multiplayer First Person Shooter. Mask Gun® brings the hardcore fun of FPS games into mobile.

There are different game modes to play competitively or for fun with your friends. Deathmatch, Team deathmatch modes, where you can show others how strong you and your clan is!

Maps designed for all modes. Simple run-and-gun deathmatch optimized maps, sophisticated maps for team strategy and proving grounds for practice.

There is fun for everyone. More than  30 guns to customize, imagine shotgun with extended mag and scope. You will become the death machine! Buy and earn masks, paint your weapons with decals and show them who is boss!

Let them remember your mask and gun. Your name will tremble the arenas.

The game is still in soft launch.

Pocket Gamer Connect cover – Best indie pitch

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MaskGun is a registered trademark of June Software Inc.

As an intern UX designer, worked with UX consultants to carry the mockups and wireframes to production. Incorporated the design into weapon showcase, customization and in-game store. Worked with the team to visualize in-game consumables like weapon skins, decals and so on.