Dragons and swordsmen


Dragons and swordsmen is a strategy based outdoor game. The game is played on a 5×5 grid, with 6 players (two teams). Each team has to reduce the number of players in the other team by one to win.

Any player can move in any direction. Dragons can kill swordsmen in diagonal direction and swordsmen can kill in vertical or horizontal direction.

The players need to collaborate and communicate among themselves to surround the other team and win. Dragons and swordsmen is available as roll-able board game. Now wage your war anytime, any place!

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Inspired from Chess, conceptualized and detailed the game-play to be fun for children under 12 years old. Added narrative to keep the children engaged and feel a connect. Play tested and modified the game to have a physical, out door version and a roll-able, portable board game. Worked with the team for product and package design.