Cirkit Board game


Cirkit is a two player board game on basic Electric circuits and components based on the NCERT syllabus for children in the age group 10-16 years. It requires children to place conductors and insulators wisely to complete a circuit with less than 400 consumption points. The game allows the children to explore parallel and serial circuits. They are also introduced to relative energy consumption of daily appliances. The challenge was to make the game assets downloadable for a wide accessibility.

Cirkit made it into the semi-finals of Adobe Achievement Awards 2015!

Download and start playing!


Real concepts of electricity were put into game pieces. Game rules and winning conditions were closely tied to real life scenarios. This helped children to on-board the game quick and start playing. Also, it had left implicit notions of utilizing electricity resourcefully.

Product and package design was carefully crafted to make it easy and fun for children to un-box, set-up and play or even come up with their own game rules. Just print and play.