Alive – A persistent comic world


“You believe you can change the way of things, Batman. It is why you are  who you are.” – The Phantom Stranger

The Phan…who? You might be wondering the same. Never heard about this character before in Batman comics/animated series/movies right? Well, the concern is beyond any single character, it is about the universe itself. We have rich and divergent comic-verses. Heroes, villains, side-kicks, their cities and adventures depicted in multitude of comics, games and movies. Some of them got their place among people, some did not. Then the scariest thing happened, imagination became a commodity, the whole focused turned towards business than building the most fantastic fictional world. All you see now, in comics or movies are the characters and adventures that are sure to sell. Take DC comics for example, nobody knows anything beyond Batman and Gotham city. In-fact, some of you might even get surprised if I say that there is a detailed map for Gotham city, with every single building marked. Business, killed the details and a lot of characters. The rich imaginary world that we had is falling apart.

How can we hold it together, build more and create the bond between reality and fiction?

You can find the project files below –

Download Android prototype

Download Unity project


Alive is a persistent comic world concept. An open comic world, where you can explore and engage with literally anything that you find interesting. You can go around the city, view various events happening in different locations, subscribe to know about any character or landmark and learn how their life evolves. How each character becomes what we now know as. Keep an eye on the universe, get to know each and everything happening, you might find someone similar to you to inspire and get inspired.

Taking the same example of Batman, you can go around Gotham city, see what is happening in Paris island, subscribe to Arkham asylum to follow each and every character – how they ended up there? why did they do it?. Alive provides an immersive experience in the comic world and provides an opportunity to live in the fictional world.

Imagine the kind of stories and characters that can be brought up in universes as big as Pokemon (Jhoto, Kanto etc.), One Punch Man (Cities A-Z), Harry Potter, Naruto (villages), He-Man (Eternia), Marvel, DC and tons of other comic worlds.

Explore, unlock possibilities, make your own stories, be alive among your heroes.

Designed and developed the prototype in Unity.