28 Jan 2014

Logo Roundup 2013

Its 2014, a fresh beginning. There will be new challenges, new ideas. Before all that, here are some of the logos that I did in 2013

Nirbhaya Project, Kerala is a programme from Govt. of Kerala to protect women and children against sexual assault. The logo depicts a mother and child walking towards a better and safe tomorrow shown by the shining stars.


MTech Motors is a care centre for premium cars – BMW, Audi, Mercedes.


Zealous, sing for Christ. A Christian devotional music band. The blue fire forms the shape of a music note inside it, setting ablaze your heart.


The Blue Mangos is a tour service company. What’s the difference? They are taking you on bicycles! Eco friendly and amazing journey! The logo depicts a blue mango, showing its sweet and bitter side. The golden drop shows the sweetness and premium quality of the mango as well as the tour. The green is the nature.

The Blue Mangos

Kathakali is an authentic Indian restaurant. All the Indian dishes at its best!

Kathakali logo