02 Aug 2013

iBall PF1209 Review

iBall PF1209

PF1209 is the big boy in iBall’s range of pen tablets.

The Package

The PF1209 comes with a pen, a holder, a wireless mouse, a few pen tips and 2 x AAA batteries. The software bundled along are Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended, Corel Painter Essential 2, Corel Painter X and Photo Album, all for 30 day trial.

The Pen

The pen has a removable plastic tip and two buttons on its barrel which can be software programmed to perform any from the following functions – left click, left double click, middle click, middle double click, right click, right double click or no action at all.

The Tablet

The tablet can be fixed in a slight slant using two flaps that comes along. There is an LED that indicates whether the pen’s touch is detected by the tablet. The USB cable on the tablet is non-detachable. There are no hardware keys, but not to worry, there is a whopping array of 20 software programmable buttons (Express Keys) on the top. The scope area can be resized using the driver software. The actual sensitive area is covered by a transparent plastic sheet to reduce the friction with the pen tip while drawing – and hence the extra pen tips as backup.

The Mouse

The wireless mouse bundled along with it is lightweight and has good response in all applications except games. The scroll wheel is a button and does not really turn.


PF1209 performs really well. There is no lag between the pen and the brush cursor in the software. Pressure sensitivity with 1024 levels feels like a hard tipped brush. But tilt angle is a restraint and can annoy you at times. The big active area saves you from panning the workspace often. A nifty feature that is missing is the eraser tip on the back of the pen. Another thing to notice is the little roughness that you feel while colouring, which requires a lot of scrubbing on the tablet. The battery lasts for more than 2 months with a daily usage of 2-3Hrs.

PF1209 is definitely the best buy for those who are looking for alternatives of WACOM. Just make sure you got ample space on your table and in your travel bag.






ease of use


value for money


How I tested?


W7 x64 / Mac OS X Mountain Lion


Photoshop CS3 / Corel Painter /

Illustrator CS3


Tomb Raider / CS1.6 / World of Warcraft

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