26 Jun 2012

GeForce GRID – Behold! The Cloud Gaming

The Cloud is the hottest technology. Everything is going cloud – from storage like iCloud,Google Drive,Drop Box etc to Cloud AntiVirus. like McAfee Cloud, Kaspersky Cloud. But the true potential of the cloud came out with Cloud Gaming! To put it in simple words, cloud gaming enables you to play literally any game in any device (needs a display and input unit) be it the tab/phone/laptop or anything with a decent internet connection.Wait! don’t you want to know its best part? The nightmare of all time “System Requirements” are no longer needed on the client side! Every single frame is rendered and delivered by the server to your device.Cool huh?

Now the pr0’s will be asking about the latency and all other stuff.Well Nvidia gives some charts on it,here is one among them:


Nvidia has developed Keplar GPUs specialized for Cloud gaming. Here is how one looks like:

Nvidia is testing and improving on the GRID.A demo video from E3

The one that you should really check out by the time Nvidia develops on it is OnLive

It already started on Cloud Gaming.Now is your chance to try it…

Will Cloud Gaming bring an end to the era of Consoles and PC Gaming? Lets wait and see…

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