16 Jul 2013

Let’s keep up with technology

Technology will outrun our imagination very soon. The pace of innovations are now at par with our thoughts. You have an idea – all the tools needed to realize it are at your reach. It is difficult to keep up with technology. The dosage from websites, newspaper supplements and television are not enough. We need to be updated even on the move. What can be done? Thanks to advanced mobile OS(s). They let us build apps & keep the users upto date. And here are two nifty apps that I have developed for Android platform (supports from Gingerbread upwards).


An initiative from Axeleron Technologies. Be it news, games, DIY(s – anything to everything happening in the cyber world is brought to your finger tips. This is a lightweight home screen widget and captures glimpses and notify you in a three hour interval. You can dive into the details upon tapping the heading. A manual update button and notification tone is also added.



Geek Tips

Geek Tips, an online community, determined to literate people about technology. They wanted to make a presence in Android platform. And here they are – The app has two sreens – text news and videos. To save bandwidth and space, the screens are updated only when selected and internet is available ie if you like only to read, unless and until you select the videos panel, they won’t be fetched from the internet. If you would like to watch videos, you can skip loading text news. It features a manual update button also.

Splash screen




News in detail




News can be read inside the app as well. For optimizing experience, videos are played back through YouTube app or any other streaming app that is installed in your phone.